The London Bridge Dart Association has had over 825 players go through the league since January 5, 2009.  There were times when the league had 3 divisions, playing on several nights a week. London Bridge Dart Association was established in 1980 by Les Ford. Les and some friends got together at the bowling alley and put quarters on the pool table and played some darts, winner take all. The Rules By Laws were adopted in 1982 and have been revised several times to keep up with the times. 

The Arizona Federation of Darting Associations, or AFDA, conducts a statewide playoff among dart players and associations throughout Arizona. In this State Shoot, nine dart players (5 men and 3 women) from each association are selected to play in this competition. The competition is normally held at the end of February and the location is announced in January. Dart players are responsible for travel, hotel, and other expenses.

Welcome to the London Bridge Dart Association

Current Directors:

Jeanne Tank       

Judy Allen

Kelly Arsenault

Steve Stauffer

Vicki Graham

Kenny Northern

Current Officers & Board Members

Jolene Caldon

Treasurer            Jolene as been the association's treasurer for four years!

​(928) 208-8502


Vice President

Kyle Thrasher​      Kyle has been part of the board and Vice President for over six years.

(929) 230-4859 

London Bridge Dart Association


Founded: 1980

Founder: Les Ford

Current President:   Moe Arsenault, Jr.

(928) 486-1282


Rhapsody Wilson

Secretary            Rhapsody has been part of the board and Secretary for over six years.

​(928) 486-7055



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